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The Spirograph drawing toy by Kenner was among the coolest toys from my youth. Released in various configurations through the years the original set debuted in 1967. Older sets can have either a blue or red fitted storage tray. Other drawing toys in my collection: Electric Drawing Set by Lakeside Toys, Enlarg-A-Graph and Trace-A-Graph by Emenee, and Mighty Men & Monster Maker by Tomy.

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Here is the original Spirograph set, item number 401 dated 1967. My copy is absolutely mint in un-played-with condition. All parts are present including the paper and baseboard which has no pinholes in it.

Spirograph Box
Spirograph Contents
Spirograph Contents


Here is the Spirograph refill kit which includes paper, a new drawing baseboard, and guides for 70 new patterns. Also dated 1967, there is no item number on this sealed package.

Spirograph Refill Kit


This is a 1968 version which is still called item number 401. This particular copy comes from Canada with additional instructions in French. Missing only the pens it comes with the second edition red plastic parts tray.

Spirograph Box
Spirograph Contents


A toybox visitor alerted me to the existance of Spiroman and send me this picture of the one he owned--I had no idea. I immediately started watching eBay for one and after missing out on this pristine set I picked up this copy which the original owner attacked with gold spray paint. Kids these days (or those days). The set appears complete including the instructions and design book but has some breaks in the plastic base where the front legs go in so I can't set it up. Hopefully I'll fix it with some fiberglass, something I'm all too familiar with on these old toys, and take a picture with Spiroman set up and in action. Item number 432 dated 1968.

Spiroman Box and Contents


These are Super Spirograph sets, both item number 2400 dated 1969. The red set came first, the blue a year or two later. Slight differences in the box and the newer box has a caution sticker applied warning of small parts. Both of my sets are missing the pens and paper.

Super Spirograph Box
Super Spirograph Super Spirograph Box
Super Spirograph


Kenner's Spirofoil set, item number 7900 dated 1970 allowed one to make designs on thick aluminum foil which they could then paint. My set is complete but every one of the foil sheets, including those in the refill pack (item number 7952, also from 1970) have been used. Some have been painted apparently with the paints that came in the set.

Spirofoil Box
Spirofoil Refill


This is the SpiroTot set for children age three to seven. Item number 441 dated 1972. Mine is missing the green pen and all the paper. Got this off of eBay for 65 cents. Here are the Spirotot instructions.

SpiroTot Box


This is a newer Spirograph set, item number 14210 dated 1986. Already Kenner had started making the toy less fun by eliminating the pins to hold down the ring gear. My set is missing the ring holder, one of the pens and the instructions.

Spirograph Box from 1986
Spirograph Contents from 1986


This is the Travel Spirograph set from 1988. I'm not sure how many wheels or pens were included when new. As you can see, I have two of them though the second one only had the one "eye" shaped wheel

Travel Spirograph from 1988Travel Spirograph from 1988


This is a newest Spirograph set I own. Dated 1993, there is no item number on the package. The set looks just like the 1986 set above and my version is complete including the instructions.

Spirograph Box from 1986


This is a Spirograph clone called the Super-Circle Designer by Lisbeth Whiting. It has a single drawing disk in which one can put one, two, or three pens and the handle. Put the disk inside one of the three different size rings and draw just like the Spirograph. My set is complete even with the original paper which is quite yellowed. Item number 650 dated 1967.

Super-Circle Designer Box
Super-Circle Designer


Name: Spirograph
Manufacturer: Kenner
Vintage: Late 1960s to present
Obtained: All items came from eBay.
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Spirotot instructions - scanned from my set.
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