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Folks often ask how much it costs to build a B9 replica. Builders generally spend anywhere from $2000.00 to well over $10,000.00 depending how much they animate their robot, whether it's a costume or a prop, etc. Second-hand parts are often available from folks who planned to build their own B9 and abandoned their quest or from builders who upgrade their robots with newer, better, more accurate parts. Here's the list of the parts I've acquired, where I got them, and a running total of how much I've spent (all values include shipping). This list does not include incidentals such as primer, glue, sand paper, wood filler, body filler, etc.

08/16/2004 Radar/Legs lot:
Brain Cup & Cam, Radar, Ears, Sensors & Motor, Torso Hooks, Large Chest Lights, Microphone, Torso Knob, Power Pack, Donut, Legs, Knees Hinges, Knee
09/15/2004 Torso lot:
Torso, Belly Lights, Vents, Waist Plate
10/08/2004 Waste-To-Treads Plans
(aka The Bermuda Triangle Plans)
Mark Thompson$55.00
10/28/2004 Chest Buttons & Bezel
(I thought I was only buying this! Cool!)
11/16/2004 Bubble & Bottom Plate
(the picture does not do it justice)
Fred Barton Productions$360.00
12/27/2004 Wood for Tread Section
1/4 and 1/2 inch MDF, 1/2 inch dowels
Home Depot$44.11
01/20/2005 Collar Rings
(and he threw in his jig and a sample rib)
02/06/2005 Plywood for Knee Plates Lowes$9.35
07/05/2005 Arm Rings, Crown, Brain pieces
(the brain and crown parts are seconds)
Scott Sanderson$51.00
08/11/2005 Chest Neon
(price I paid was for two sets)
Dennis Wilbur$212.00
10/24/2005 Custom B9 Phrases
(by Dick Tufeld, the original voice of the B9)
Mike Joyce$80.91
10/24/2005 Acryllic Rod for Collar & Vents
(1/4" square x 6ft, item 8728K13, 20 rods @ $1.39ea. + shipping)
Total to Date:$1740.37

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