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My very first B9 parts

Miss Kitty, one of only two female charter members of the B9 Robot Builders Club sold off her Kittybot and on August 16, 2004 I received three large boxes from her (82lbs shipping weight). I was lucky enough to purchase many of the smaller parts, as well as the radar section, legs, and knees. Most of the parts will need some work to bring them up to current club standards but now I have something to start with. Also included with the shipment were a Trendmasters B9 and a remote control Big Blue toy, as well as a large binder filled with reference info. Thanks Miss Kitty.

My bonanza of parts include:
  • Fiberglass radar section - badly in need of stripping and repainting.
  • Heating duct arms - probably won't use these.
  • PVC bubble lifter pipe.
  • Brain cup - broken in pieces but repairable.
  • Brain cam.
  • Tape reel for programming bay.
  • Ear posts - had screw ends that are broken off.
  • Torso hooks.
  • Torso knob.
  • Sensors - yellow one missing its shaft.
  • Large chest lights.
  • Microphones - full shaft aluminum, plus resin "head-only".
  • Power pack - the first one ever made by club founder Dewey H.
  • Knee hinges - plywood with plastic hardware.
  • Donut - foam covered wood.
  • Legs - plywood & pipe insulation, will probably re-cover.
  • Knees - solid wood, will likely try to hollow out.

The radar even came with a motor that can be used with the rubber band "belts" to turn the sensors. Way cool.

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