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Welcome to the Vintage Sportscoach Owners Library.

Note: While Bob may still provide the information on CD, the links below will take you directly to the data online. Most of the documents are in the files section of the Vintage Sportscoach Owners Yahoo Group and you'll need to be a member of the group to view them. The largest files wouldn't fit on the Yahoo site and are hosted on Sam's Toybox. Sam reserves the right to remove the links to these larger files (but will provide them by email) should his monthly website traffic usage exceed what he get for free from his service provider.

The Vintage Sportscoach Owners has an extensive library of documents. This includes wiring diagrams, chassis and coach diagrams and other original Sportscoach factory publications that can assist you in times of trouble. Contact Bob Spear 163 Curtis Farm Road, Wilton, NH 03086, or call me at 603-654-9814 and I will be happy to assist you. Sportscoach document "packages" for 1975 - 1979 Sportscoaches are very comprehensive including generator manuals, paint numbers, wiring diagrams, refrigerator repair info, converter manuals, etc. It's a treasure chest of valuable information that no owner should be without.

New for 2005, VSO documents are now available on CD for Adobe™ Reader

Price includes postage back to you. CD requests are $10 for comprehensive CD document packages tailored to your coach. Note that some large publications and manuals are $10 each if you just want copies of those items. I've scanned many of the documents from originals if they were available. Please mail me a check and include the following info: year, length, side or rear bath, chassis type (Chevy or Dodge) and generator model numbers as each CD is custom tailored to your specific coach. Write or call me if you have any questions.

  1. 1973 Chevrolet (first generation) dash and chassis wiring diagram (GM number ST-352-73) (1.2mb pdf)
  2. 1973 Chevrolet Perfect Circle Speedostat Cruise Control (390kb pdf)
  3. Coach wiring diagrams for SC I (337kb pdf) and SC II (4.7mb pdf)
  4. Decal and paint numbers info (533kb pdf)
  5. Sportscoach Fixtures and Appliance Installation Manuals (2.2mb pdf)
  6. Model Specification and Component Location guide (211kb pdf)
  7. Dodge dash and chassis wiring diagrams (3.2mb pdf)
  8. Chevrolet dash and chassis wiring diagrams
  9. Chevy Chassis Inspection and Maintenance Guide 1973 (52.4mb pdf)
  10. 1976 Sportscoach Owners Manual (12.6mb pdf)
  11. 1973 Sportscoach Owners Manual (4.6mb pdf)
  12. 1980-1982 Sportscoach Owners Manual
  13. Cross Country Owners Manual 1980-1984 (3.4mb pdf)
  14. Cross Country or Pathfinders Owners Manual 1989 (6.1mb pdf)
  15. Chevrolet Motor home chassis service guide for P and G series 1979-1986
  16. Chevrolet Motor Home Chassis 1973 guide (GM number ST-320-74, 52.4mb pdf)
  17. 1973 Chevrolet Chassis Part Catalog (GM number MHC-73, $10)
  18. Chevrolet Chassis Service Guide 1979-1982 (GM number ST-372-83-MH, 6.2mb pdf)
  19. Sportscoach Service Bulletins, 1983 (713kb pdf)
  20. Onan BF Generator Manual (1.5mb pdf)
  21. Onan CCK Generator Manual (1.5mb pdf)
  22. Onan NH Generator Manual (1.4mb pdf)
  23. Onan miscellaneous bulletins (230kb pdf)
  24. Onan 5.0 BGA Service Bulletin - single to dual circuit breaker (129kb pdf)
  25. Onan Schematic - Drawing is dated 1973, may not apply to newer gensets (180kb pdf)
  26. Phillips power converter, info and test procedures (3.9mb pdf)
  27. Energenius Owners Manual (486kb pdf)
  28. Energenius inverter/converter Service Information (32 pages, 1.1mb pdf)
  29. Sportscoach Screen Door Installation article (532kb pdf)
  30. Mark IV AC mounting for '76 and '77 454 showing part numbers for installation (112kb pdf)
  31. Book of "Mort Says" letters from 1977 to 1980 (from Sportscoach Owners International Newsletter, 3.5mb pdf)
  32. Sportscoach Sealant Procedures (796kb pdf)
  33. Motorhome Electrical System Training book by Chrysler (88.4mb pdf)
  34. Dometic Refrigerator Maintenance Instructions (887kb pdf)
  35. Dometic Ice Maker (1.1mb pdf)
  36. Home on Wheels operations and maintenance training book for vehicles built on Dodge Chassis (55.8mb pdf)
  37. Installation diagram and troubleshooting guide for Perfect Circle speed control on Chevy chassis (4.9mb pdf)
  38. Installation diagram and Troubleshooting guide for Perfect Circle speed control on Dodge chassis (4.2mb pdf)
  39. Guide to wire number, wire size, wire color, wire usage
  40. Electrical wiring diagram for dual battery control system
  41. 12V firewall fuse block harness connection - Dodge and Chevy
  42. Correct wiring for 40 and 55 amp converters 1976
  43. Correct wiring for Par-Jabsco old style water pumps (newer style begins 2/28/75)
  44. R & R for radios for 1972-1973 models
  45. 2 6volt golf cart batteries for coach effective 3/17/75
  46. Rear battery and fuse box Install & Identification effective 11/03/75 (serial number 421B)
  47. Generac Alternator correct wiring at 115V junction box
  48. Electrical info for LP, water and waste tanks 1975-1976
  49. Owners manual for Transcoach by Sportscoach (33 pages, $10)
  50. Replacement of rear brake drums on 1973 Chevy P-3 chassis
  51. Onan Support Bulletin (60), Remote wiring for "CCK" & "NH" Generator sets using the 300-0859 pc control board. Effective 3/5/75
  52. 6.75 x 16.5 Accuride Wheels P/N 28000 & Dorman wheel studs P/N 160049 to replace 5.25 x 17.5 wheels on 1977 Dodge M400 Chassis
  53. Chevy man speaks at FMCA ref. P-30 chassis
  54. Onan generator "fuse to circuit breaker" replacement procedure
  55. Many thanks to Sam Cancilla for providing the following documents for 1970, 1972-1973 coaches and making them available to you.

Here's sources for manuals and other info that I cannot provide.

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