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Vertibird by Mattel was, without question, THE COOLEST TOY EVER MADE!!!! I did not have one as a kid and was very lucky to get this original Rescue Ship model for a reasonable price. I purchased it without a rotor with the hopes that I could get/make one and found the pure black replacement on eBay in 2002 or so. For your enjoyment here is my original Vertibird and bunch of Vertibird knock-offs, including some Jasman/Kool Toyz Chopper Command Sets released in the 2000s. The latest versions of the Jasman Chopper Patrol is a well done clone (last ones on the page).

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While not a toy exactly, Bob B. and I dropped many dimes in the Midway Whirly Bird arcade game at Grant's Department Store in our youth.

Vertibird Copter Vertibird Coast Guard Rescue Ship
An original Coast Guard Rescue Ship Vertibird with its box. The rotor is a new replacement purchased off of eBay. It works pretty well, a bit of shimmy at low speeds but quite smooth at higher RPMs. My toy is missing all of the accessories. Item number 8243 dated 1973. Interestingly, the Vertibird will work on either two or four D cells.
Enterprise "Copter" Star Trek CSF
Remco's futile attempt at a Vertibird clone is called the CSF - Controlled Space Flight and features the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. Unlike the Vertibird that is run via a cable from a stationary motor, this bugger has an electric motor in the saucer section of the ship. To make it fly there was a counterweight on the far side of the ship rods (mine was missing so I fabricated one out of wood and a couple dozen washers). So does it fly? Kinda. This one flies straight up and down quite well but does not go around in a circle. Oh well. Interestingly, the accessories including the often missing hook and radar dish are still sealed in the bag, but the box itself is in poor shape. Go figure. Item number 602 dated 1976.
Spider-Man CSF Copter
Another CSF vehicle from Remco this is the Spider-Man Copter. My version is incomplete, missing its tail which does not stop it from flying very well. I purchased this copter on eBay from a seller in Italy. Item number 614 dated 1978.
Galoob's Micro Machine Skyhawk Galoob's Micro Machine Skyhawk Set The catalog ad for Skyhawk
Available through the 1998 J.C. Penney Christmas catalog, the Micro Machines Skyhawk Rescue Copter by Galoob is an excellent Vertibird clone. Substantially smaller than the original bird, it operates on two D cells and flies exceptionally well. Galoob missed the boat by packaging the copter in a plain white box instead of a fine litho box as in the past -- what's up with that? I have not opened the instruction/stickers bag nor the bag of accessories which include a Micro Machine vehicle and a copter hook. Item number 70034 dated 1994 (on instructions, re-released in 1998).
Blue Box Batman Batwing Vertibird The Batwing itself
The Batman battery operated remote control Batwing from Blue Box Toys, item number 34031, dated 1989. Like the Remco CSV, this bird has an electric motor in the vehicle itself and a counterweight to make it fly. In an ingenious design, the counterweight is just a plastic holder into which you place your own Alkaline D-cell. Also ingenious, is that the power is transmitted to the motor in the wing via the two metal rods in the maneuver arm. The electrical contact is not as good as if the bars were hard-wired so the motor cuts out occasionally. The wing does not fly very well at all though with a little more trial and error in getting the counterweight properly balanced I hope that it might. Cool looking toy anyway. Alas, mine came without the box.
Kool Toyz Chopper Command Helicopter Kool Toyz Chopper Command Helicopter Set
Available through Target Stores (and K-B Toys I've heard) starting in August, 2000, the Kool Toyz Chopper Command Helicopter Set is an excellent Vertibird clone. Incredibly, the toy sells for $15.00, about three dollars more than the original Vertibird from Mattel cost in 1971. When these showed up in Target stores people immediately bought them out and started selling them on eBay--the first one sold for over $200.00. The toy is manufactured by Jasman (who plans to make four more birds, including the Military set below), has a light-up control panel, and flies exceptionally well. Mine came without the hook and due to clean living or some other act of God, a friend's chopper came with two hooks and he gave me one! It appears that the bird doesn't have enough power to lift and fly with the heavier objects (the cars and motorcycle). Or perhaps I have just worn the batteries down by flying the copter for so many hours. The rotor is a yellow-tipped clone of the original Vertibird rotor and looks like it should fit on the older birds though I am a little afraid to pull mine off the new bird to try it. A great toy and an extraordinary value. Item number 087 07 1039 dated 2000.
Jasman Military Chopper Command Helicopter on its Playmat Jasman Military Chopper Command Helicopter Set
Available starting in November, 2000, the Jasman Military Chopper Command Helicopter Set is so cool. Complete with a 48" playmat, it has a light-up control panel, a flashing strobe light, and makes a helicopter sound while flying. The toy has three cardboard military buildings and military skyhook accessories such as a plane, tent, jeep-like vehicle, radar dish, and two soldiers. Item number 16812 dated 2000.
Jasman Micro Series AH-1 Super Cobra Jasman Micro Series AH-6 Little Bird
Jasman more recently released the Command Force Micro Series clones. Shown here are the AH-1 Super Cobra (top) and the AH-6 Little Bird micro helicopters. Each is about a foot long and came blister-packed with batteries included so you could try the copter before buying. A great idea. The back of the package shows an AH-64 Apache Helicopter and I own this one as well but it is not really a Vertibird clone as it doesn't fly in a circle around a center stand. No dates on the package but I want to say 2003-2004.
Jasman Command Force Series AH-1 Super Cobra
Jasman's latest clones are the nearly Vertibird sized Command Force Series. A very well done set of birds, this one is the AH-1 Super Cobra which comes with a nice set of accessories to pick up.
Name: Vertibird
Manufacturers: Mattel, Remco, Blue Box Toys, Galoob, Jasman
Vintage: Early 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s
Obtained: eBay, J.C. Penney Catalog, Target, Tower Hobbies
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