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The Vac-U-Form by Mattel. Mattel had, without question, the greatest collection of cool toys available in the late 1960s. The Vac-U-Form allowed one to mold plastic sheets into neat little gadgets such as boats, cars, and log cabins. I've scanned the Vac-U-Form Instructions in case you need them. You can actually buy real vacuum forming machines online though if you need one though they are quite expensive.

Vac-U-Form Box

Mattel Vac-U-Form

The Mattel Vac-U-Form was sold in a couple of different boxed configurations. This one with the pull-out drawer for the molds and such is the more readily available version. Mine came with a (very) few of the original plastic sheets, a rare commodity. Item number 422, dated 1962.


Toymax Vac-U-Former
Refill sheets
for Toymax Vac-U-Former
Toymax once again obtained the rights to this cool toy and produced a newer, "safer" version. Operates using light bulbs and came with limited molds. The hope was that Toymax would have some old accessory kits lying around but they said that they didn't when I contacted them. My kit is nearly complete including the original sticker sheets. Item number 9388 dated 1993. The refill sheets came in a huge box?!? Item number 9301 dated 1993.

Name: Vac-U-Form, Vac-U-Former
Manufacturer: Mattel, Toymax
Vintage: 1960s
Obtained: From eBay. Toymax one from a yard sale. Toymax sheets from a toybox visitor.
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