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The Tracer Gun by Rayline is such a cool toy. Thankfully they sold refill packs of the Jet Discs as the few included with the gun were usually gone in an hour or two. The particular version of the gun that I have is a Canadian version, printed in both French and English. Copyright 1966, item 310 by Grand Toys, this gun was featured both with the Star Trek tie-in and without. The Jet Discs are item 311-JD, no copyright date, by the American manufacturer, Ray Plastic, Inc. (aka Rayline). These items are pretty easy to come by at auction. The much more rare Tracer-Scope (rifle) is not so easy to come by. I don't have one but a toybox fan sent me this picture of his Tracer-Scope.

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Star Trek Tracer Gun Spare Tracer Gun Disks
Name: Tracer Gun
Manufacturer: USA: Rayline
Canada: Grand Toys
Vintage: 1966
Obtained: From eBay in two different lots.
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