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Yet another way cool line of toys from Mattel in the 1960's. A tremendous variety of metal mold kits were available to make plastic items ranging from bugs to flowers to people. Also available was the Incredible Edibles line that allowed one to cook up edible candy and cake treats. There are still Creepy Crawler items produced today.

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Creepy Crawlers Box

Creepy Crawlers

An early Creepy Crawlers set, item 4477 dated 1964. This is the one we had as kids.


Creepy Crawlers Corvettes
Toymax creepy crawlers set which produces Corvettes out of "Plasti-Steel". Item 8502 dated 1996


Creepy Crawlers Toy Story kit
Toymax creepy crawlers set which produces whole platoons of green army men (interestingly, it comes with brown goop). Other Toy story kits were available to produce Buzz, Woody, RC, Rex and others. Item 90504 dated 1996


Creepy Crawlers Batman Forever Creator Pak
Toymax creepy crawlers set which produces figures from the movie Batman Forever including Batman, Robin, Two-Face, and the Riddler. Item 9986 dated 1995


Creepy Crawlers Plasti-Goop
Toymax creepy crawlers set of Plasti-Goop. Seems a bit more watery than the 1960s stuff if you ask me. Item 9833 dated 1994


Name: Thingmaker/Incredible Edibles
Manufacturer: Mattel/Toymax
Vintage: 1960s, 1990s
Obtained: From eBay, local Toys-R-Us.
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