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Stratego is a very neat military game from Milton Bradley. This is the same version I had in my youth, item number 4916 dated 1962. We never learned the names/ranks of the playing pieces, simply said their number when we attacked our opponent. Below the game is a set of wooden pieces I found at a garage sale. I'm not sure if older versions of the game came with these wooden pieces or if they were created for some special edition. Finally, the very cool Electronic Stratego Game with battlefield sounds and music, hidden bombs, and three play levels which determine after an attack which, if any of the values of the pieces are revealed. Item number 4240, dated 1982. Instructions for Stratego (1986 version) and Electronic Stratego are online compliments of Hasbro (which is Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley).

Current versions of Stratego are available through if you can't find the version you want locally.

Stratego Game by Milton Bradley

Older Wooden Stratego Pieces

Electronic Stratego Box

Electronic Stratego

Name: Stratego
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Vintage: Early 1960s
Obtained: Yard sales
Other Links: Instructions for Stratego (1986 version) and Electronic Stratego
are online compliments of Hasbro's Game and Toy Instructions site
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