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Skittle Bowl and all of its friends.

Classic game series that started with Skittle Bowl in the mid 1960s and continued on to what seems like an endless string of "Skittle" games. I remember (vaguely) the commercials for the games which starred Don Adams. The rights to the games are now owned by Marx which has re-issued a number of them. The only skittle game I had in my youth was Skittle Bowl. The one game I'm missing and really wish I had in my collection is the Olympic Skittle Bowl, a super-sized version of the original. Let me know if you have one you would like to part with. There was also a Skittle Baseball game that I'm not overly keen on getting.

I get a lot of requests for score sheets for bowling games so I made some: Bowling Score Sheet in Excel (21kb) or Bowling Score Sheet in PDF (5kb). I've also scanned some of the instructions sheets, links below with each game.

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Skittle Bowl Box Skittle Bowl
Item No. 5501 dated 1970. Skittle Bowl Instructions


Skittle Pool Box Skittle Pool
Item No. 5511 dated 1972. Skittle Pool Instructions


Skittle Poker Box Skittle Poker
Item No. 5520 dated 1972.


Skittle Tic Tac Toe Box Skittle Tic Tac Toe
Item No. 5524 dated 1972.


Skittle Bingo Box Skittle Bingo
Item No. 5560 dated 1973. Skittle Bingo Instructions


Skittle Tennis Box Skittle Tennis
Item No. 5521. No date but probably 1972-1973.


Skittle Horseshoes Box Skittle Horseshoes
Item No. 5522 dated 1972.


Skittle Score-Ball
Item No. 5515 dated 1971.


Skittle Score-Ball
Skittle Score-ball, the larger version. The All
American Score-ball is shown at the top of the
picture. Item No. 5510 dated 1971.


Skittle Score-Ball
Skittle Bowling by Marx. The newer, inferior copy of the original. Plastic pins actually snap into detents in the board making them nearly impossible to knock over. This version is 16x16 inches square while the original by Aurora was huge at nearly two feet square. I don't have the box so don't know the item number or date but I purchased this for my sons sometime in the early 1990s.


Skittle Score-Ball
Here is a crystal clear lucite skittle bowl game called Skittle Pins. This is a tiny (11x11 inches) version meant for the desktop. Made by Peerless there is no item number or date.


Older Skittle Bowling Game
A very much older skittle game called the "Hit and Touch Mechanical Bowling Game" from the Pee Dee Company in Gary, Indiana. The coolest thing about this game is that the pins are attached to cords and can be reset with the pull of a lever. My copy of this neat old game is complete in original box with the instructions and scoring sheets. No item number though it does list a Trade Mark - 519654, there is no date to be found.


Buzz Ball Bowling Game
Another old skittle bowl-like game this is Buzz Ball by Electoy. A strong electomagnet is under the center of the board and the two buttons activate it to make the hanging ball swing. This toy is so old that the electrical cord is completely hardened and fragile. From the Electoy company in Indianapolis, IN, there is no date.
Name: Skittle Games
Manufacturer: Aurora, re-issues by Marx, other miscellaneous.
Vintage: The late 1960s through the mid 1970s, re-issues in 1990s
Obtained: All came from eBay.
Other Links: Bowling Score Sheet in Excel (21kb)
Bowling Score Sheet in PDF (5kb)
Hi-Res scan of Skittle Bowl parts (with scale) (349kb) - turn your own pins!
Skittle Bowl Instructions
Skittle Pool Instructions
Skittle Bingo Instructions
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