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Shaker Maker by Ideal allowed one to mold various figures out of 'Magic Mix'. When shaken the mix first hardens into a rubbery, 'wiggly, jiggly' creation, then shrinks and stiffens into a plaster-like statue. Many sets were produced throughout the 1970s including the rare Batman and Flintstones versions. Shaker Maker has been reissued through the years: in the early 90s by Toymax and in 2003 by Spin Master.

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This is one of two Disney sets produced. Item number 6021-0A dated 1972, my set is still factory sealed.

Disney Shaker Maker 

The Flintstones set allows you to make Fred, Barney, and Wilma with Pebbles. Dino would have been cool. Item number 6029-3 dated 1973, my set is complete save for about half of the magic mix.

Flintstone Shaker Maker 

This is the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Shaker Maker set, item 6022-8 dated 1979. The box is unopened but alas has some major paper tearing caused by the former owner removing the price tag (I would guess).

Buck Rogers Shaker Maker 

The Magic Mix refill kit, item 6004-6 dated 1971. The refill contains two of each color: Pink, Blue, and Ivory. The Decorating Set, item 6008-7 dated 1971 contains plastic accessories and paints.

Shaker Maker Magic Mix Refill Shaker Maker Decorating Set Shaker Maker Decorating Set Contents

Shaker Maker Pictures - Farm and Zoo Animals, Series No. 1. This very cool kit allowed one to make 3-D animals and glue them to different background pictures. Nearly complete, this set is missing the three original pictures, the paint and brush, has only six of the included 10 Magic Mix packets, and has molds that are slowly disintegrating. Item number 6014-5, dated 1971.

Shaker Maker Pictures

Shaker Maker Famous Faces. This is an extremely rare version of the Shaker Maker line. It allowed one to create side profiles of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. My set is complete save for a few packets of the magic mix. Item number 6024-4, dated 1972.

Shaker Maker Famous Faces

Shaker Maker Switchables. Cool set that allows one to make figures in three separate pieces and mix and match them into up to 27 different combinations. Item number 6028-5, dated 1973.

Shaker Maker Switchables

Shaker Maker Bugglies. Neat set that allows one to make three different versions of a six-legged bug. Item number 6027-7, dated 1972.

Shaker Maker Switchables

Shaker Maker Monsters. Newer set by Toymax that is licensed by Universal Studios and allows one to make Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, and the Mummy. Item number 9698, dated 1992.

Shaker Maker Spiderman

Shaker Maker Spiderman set from Spin Master. Make three different Spidey figures. Item number 70524, dated 2003.

Shaker Maker Spiderman

Shaker Maker Hulk set from Spin Master. Make three different figures. Item number 70525, dated 2003.

Shaker Maker Hulk

The Shaker Maker Refill Pack Recharge from Spin Master. The refill contains five packets of white mix and is item 70621 dated 2003.

Shaker Maker Magic Mix Refill
Name: Shaker Maker
Manufacturer: Ideal, Toymax, Spin Master
Vintage: 1970s, 1992, 2003
Obtained: From eBay , local Target store.
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