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Appealing to all the young boys at the time, Ideal created a winner with the Powermite line. Each tool shown below is a working, die-cast metal tool that can perform just like the full-sized one that dad may have in the garage. Limited to cutting thin balsa wood and styrofoam, the tools none the less are attractive, functional, and moderately collectible. Each tool runs on two "D" batteries that fit into the yellow case. The cases, when closed measure 6.5" x 4.5" x 3.5". Way cool.

Missing from my collection are the Buffer, Drill Press, and Work Bench w/Hand Tools.

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Item number 4753-0 and dated 1969, the router comes with three bits that really cut.


Hand Drill

Item number 4790-2 and dated 1969, the hand drill comes with three bits.


Circular Saw

Item number 4792-8 and dated 1969, the circular saw comes with two blades.


Orbital Sander

Item number 4793-6 and dated 1969, the orbital sander comes with three sandpaper sheets.


Sabre Saw

Item number 4791-0 and dated 1969, the sabre saw comes with an additional thin blade and all came with a single styrofoam sheet shown here.


Table Saw

Item number 9691-? and dated 1969, the table saw features a cast aluminum table and a plastic housing. The saw blade (same one used on the circular saw) is raised and lowered by a large red knob. Appears to have had a blade guard at one time but mine is missing. The saw is 6" wide, 5" tall.


Building Materials

Item number 4795-1 and dated 1969, the building materials pack contains three sheets of 6" x 3" x 1/16" balsa wood, eight (estimated) sheets of 6" x 3" x 1/8" styrofoam, and a set of plans.


Playskool Cool Tools Buffer

Not a Powermite but a Playskool (Hasbro) "Cool Tools" Buffer. This is a current toy that is so similar to the powermites that I had to buy it. Got this one from the 1998 Sears Wishbook but have also seen it (cheaper - argh!!!) at a local close-out retailer. Item number 3705 dated 1996.

Name: Powermites
Manufacturer: Ideal
Vintage: Late 1960s
Obtained: All came from eBay in four lots.
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