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The Monster Machine Roto-Cast toy by Gabriel is a way-cool monster maker. Fill the mold with the instant "Muck", aka plaster, and clamp it into the roto-cast machine, crank till it sets. This give a hollow plaster head that can be turned into a bank with the addition of a slot. Five molds include Frankenstein's Monster, Bigfoot, Hornagor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Galaxogg. Item number 28350 dated 1977, this is my second copy with a great box, some Muck, and the instructions. Thanks to site visitor Jesper H. from Sweden, I found out that this machine was also released in Europe as the Mako Machine; the last picture is of his copy.

Other monster toys in my collection: Monster Models by Aurora (and others) and Mighty Men & Monster Maker by Tomy. Other plaster casting sets: Magic Memory Casting Set by Rapco.

Monster Machine Box

Monster Machine Box Top


Monster Machine

Monster Machine

Name: Monster Machine
Manufacturer: Gabriel
Vintage: 1970s
Obtained: From eBay.
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