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The Logix 0-600 computer toy is the first computer I ever owned and is programmed by physically wiring on the plastic breadboard-like face. A series of 10 multipole switches, the computer has 10 light bulbs for output. It came with various tissue paper output sheets which one cut out and placed over the light bulbs. I had to assemble the computer which took a great deal of time but was quite enjoyable as I recall. The computer is shown here programmed for the classic "Cross the River" (Farmer-Wolf-Goat-Cabbage) problem. Item number 0-600 dated 1972.

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Logix 0-600 Computer Logix 0-600 Computer Box

Unbelievably, below is a MIB (mint-in-box) Logix computer that I picked up on eBay. The computer has not been assembled and the parts are still shrink wrapped in the styrofoam holders. Wow. The box itself, alas, has seen better days.

Logix 0-600 Computer, Mint in Box

A later version by Radio Shack under the Science Fair brand name. Called the "Digital Computer" though there is nothing digital about it. This one used spring connectors, contained pre-cut wire, and its output is via plastic printed sheets one slides into the light bulb area. Item number 28-218 dated 1977, this one is also set up with the "Cross the River" problem. Special thanks to Marie R. for picking this toy up for me at a thrift store.

Science Fair Digital Computer Science Fair Digital Computer Box
Name: Logix 0-600 Electronic Computer
Manufacturer: Logix Enterprises
Vintage: 1973
Obtained: Got it for Christmas in 1973, eBay , thrift store
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