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Yet another tremendously cool game line from Mattel in the early 1960's. A two-four player game where the guilty party is sniffed out by following clues from the twenty-four suspects. Each suspect has one clue and by using the lie detector it can be determined whether or not they are telling the truth. The clues are things like: "Had a thick lower lip", "Has wavy hair" and allow one to eliminate various suspects. No batteries needed for this one, the detector is spring loaded and rings a bell (and points to false) if one of the suspects gives you invalid information. Very ingenious game.

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Other spy toys in my collection: FBI Jr. by Nasta, Radio Rifle from Mattel's Agent Zero M line, Sixfinger by Topper Toys, Sooper Snooper by Marx. Lots of Spy Toys of all kind are available on

Lie Detector Box
Lie Detector, stock number 452, dated 1960. The cellophane window is often ripped (or missing like on mine) on this game. My box is actually in pretty bad shape with all four corners taped with masking tape (ARRGHH!!!).
Lie Detector Game Lie Detector Accessories
The Lie Detector itself, dated 1960 on the True/False cardboard and 1961 on the bottom plastic. Most of the paint has worn off of my toy and the tip of the probe has been glued back on, common with this toy. Examples of the game accessories. My version is complete except for three of the scoring pegs.

Spy Detector Box
Spy Detector Game, stock number 5411, dated 1963. This box holds up much better than the Lie Detector one. Alas, my box has been ripped and taped in a number of places.
Spy Detector Game Spy Detector Accessories
The Spy Detector itself, dated 1960 on the True/False cardboard and 1961 on the bottom plastic. Some paint wear on the face but not too bad. Examples of the game accessories. My version is complete.

Name: Lie Detector Game
Spy Detector Game
Manufacturer: Mattel
Vintage: Early 1960s
Obtained: Both games came from eBay.
Other Links: Instructions (compliments of Richard Miller)
Hatcheck Girl Suspect Card - Front (100 kb jpg)
Hatcheck Girl Suspect Card - Back (82 kb jpg)
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