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You remember this one, Schaper's The Last Straw Game, aka the "Camel" game. I remember it as "Don't Break the Camel's Back", but I obviously made this up. Pop the wheels on, hold the camel together and put the baskets on. Each player takes turns adding a straw to the basket until the camel's back is broken (when the two humps touch). Interestingly, there is no scoring done based on the thickness (and thus the weight) of the straws. Each player picks whichever straw they want. Not sure why anyone would ever use a yellow one.

My box is missing two of the cardboard straw holders but otherwise my game is in mint condition, including the original rubberband in the camel. Item number 390, copyright 1966. Instructions are from the inside of the box lid of my game, sorry they are blurry.

The Last Straw Game with its Box    

The Last Straw Game Instructions

Name: The Last Straw
Manufacturers: Schaper
Vintage: 1966
Obtained: eBay
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