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The Electric Build-It Set by Electric Game Company, aka Jim Prentice came in many different configurations. Each kit has mostly the same parts and, as you can see, the same graphics. The first one is the largest kit I own, Model 210, also known as the Master set and is mostly complete missing the batteries and some smaller parts. No date on the instructions or box but I believe this is a later version from the early 1960s.

Electric Build-It Master Set Box
Electric Build-It Master Set


This next set is the same size as above and also called the Master set, Model 810. No date to be found but I believe it is a bit older than the other sets on the page. This particular version is mint in box, unopened in any way. How cool is that?

Electric Build-It Master Set Box Electric Build-It Master Set


The next set is the slightly smaller Senior set, Model 205. No date to be found but I believe it is the same age as the 210 kit. It is amazing to see how many of these kits are available that are barely used still having most of their parts in the bubbles.

Electric Build-It Senior Set Box Electric Build-It Senior Set


Here is the Electric Build-It Set, Model 803. There is no date on the instruction booklet but I believe it is later than the E-1 kit.

Electric Build-It Model 803 Set Box Electric Build-It Model 803 Set


This is the Electric Build-It Set Model E-1. Copyright 1955 on the inside cover of the instruction book. I like this set up with the cardboard "tackle" box for the small parts. My set has the original D-cells from Olin. This set also has a simple cardboard panel rather than the newer plastic ones. And the buzzer, one of the main items used in many of the projects is fully assembled out of the box. In all the other kits the buzzer must be assembled and is treated as one of the projects. Very, very cool. I scanned the instructions for this set one evening not so long ago.

Electric Build-It Model E-1 Set Box Electric Build-It Model E-1 Set


This final set which has most of its parts but is missing its box is model number 810. I'm wishing that old Jim Prentice would have put dates on these toys. Update: I now have a complete, unopened 810 set shown near the top of the page.

Electric Build-It Loose Set


Here is a picture of my five boxed sets where they sit on top of my computer desk.

Electric Build-It Kits

Name: Electric Build-It Set
Manufacturer: Electric Game Company
Vintage: Late 1950s to early 1960s
Obtained: All items came from eBay.
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