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The Crazy Clock Game is another Rube Goldberg inspired game from Ideal. After the success of Mouse Trap in 1963 (or so) Ideal asked Marvin Glass to invent another similar game and Crazy Clock was the answer. A bit more complex than Mouse Trap, Crazy Clock never caught on as big and so is somewhat more rare. My copy is complete except for the umbrella, the golf tee, and the spring for the long johns. Way cool. Item number 2604-7 dated 1964.

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While I don't own a copy of Mouse Trap, I do own a number of games created by Marvin Glass including (roughly in chronological order): Pivot Golf (originally Golferino), King of the Hill, Hands Down, Tip-It, Clean Sweep, Bucket of Fun, Sandlot Slugger, Dynamite Shack, Kooky Carnival. Quick Shoot, Which Witch?, and Ricochet Racers.


Crazy Clock Game Box Crazy Clock Game by Ideal Crazy Clock Game put together

Name: Crazy Clock
Manufacturer: Ideal
Vintage: 1964
Obtained: From eBay .
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