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Reminiscent of Kenner's Easy Bake Oven this is a Pizza Oven based on the same principle. Made by Wham-O, the makers of Frisbee, this toy comes complete with enough ingredients to make two small pizzas. Supply your own 75 watt light bulb and you are ready to go. Item number 13007 dated 1999. Mix kits are no longer available but Wham-O had posted a recipe on their site which they took down a few years ago. Nothing on the internet really ever goes away and the Pizza recipe is still out there, compliments of The Wayback Machine.

There are often a selection of Pizza Maker Toys available through Though not a toy, I'm pretty impressed with the PizzaDome Portable Italian Brick Pizza Oven as well.

Other toys in my collection where you create something edible: Chocolate Factory from Emenee, Frosty Sno-Man Sno-Cone Maker from Hasbro, Kandy Kitchen by Transogram, Incredible Edibles by Mattel, Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Maker by Broadway Toys, Pizza Party Oven by Multiple Toymakers, Queasybake Cookerator by Hasbro.

The entire contents of the pizza oven toy
The box and contents of the playset. My box is quite crushed but is complete with its inserts. Besides the oven, the playset contains Chuck E. Cheese himself, a measuring spoon and pizza cutter, two pizza pans, the pizza pusher, two packets each of dough, sauce, and cheese, an instruction booklet, and four genuine Chuck E. Cheese game tokens.




The pizza oven itself.
A close-up of the oven itself. Very nicely done.

Name: Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Factory
Manufacturer: Wham-O
Vintage: 1999
Obtained: Christmas Present, purchased from Walmart.
Other Links: Pizza recipe from Wham-o (an archived copy, no longer on their site).
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