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Surely you remember Booby-Trap by Parker Brothers. The spring loaded action game that was both incredibly fun and incredibly annoying. Mine does not have the instructions but Hasbro (which is Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley) has provided them online. My copy is item number 60, dated 1965.

The second and third pictures below are of earlier versions of the game that I don't own (yet). Versions in this horizontal box were released by the Gem Color Company, the Guild Toy Company (item #214), and by Parker Brothers. The Gem and Guild versions have no dates (I'm told), the Parker Brothers is dated 1965 and item number 60 just like my copy. I surmise but cannot prove that the Gem Color Co. version came first--they were makers of colored wooden blocks, Guild came next as it shows Patent Pending, and finally Parker Brothers took over. I'm not sure if Parker Brothers simply acquired the rights to this game or took over an entire toy company. I do know that the copy in that third picture is painted rather than raw varnished hardwood. How cool is that--this is likely a very rare copy.

The fourth picture is of a version of the game done in plastic by Tyco. It is Stock Number 7043 dated 1995.

The last picture is of my Booby Trap keychain, part of a large series of mini game keychains by Basic Fun .

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Booby-Trap Game with its Box

Booby-Trap Game by Guild Earliest Parker Brothers Booby-Trap Game

Booby-Trap Game by Tyco

Booby-Trap Game Keychain by Basic Fun

Name: Booby-Trap
Manufacturers: Parker Brothers
Vintage: 1965
Obtained: Garage Sale
Other Links: Booby-Trap instructions compliments of Hasbro
(which is Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley)
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