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The exterior walls were framed and insulated so long ago. As of November, 2008 I hadn't gotten much farther. I decided it was time to build some of the pieces to assemble the walls onto the floor/chassis. First steps would be to build the rear bulkhead walls and the front closet wall. I could then buy my interior sheathing (1/8" plywood) and skin these walls at the same time I skin the outside walls.

Since finishing the exterior walls I spent a little time building the roof joists, 2x2 inch poplar wood. Here is one of the joists being glued. Teardrop - Gluing a ceiling joist
I finished six of the ceiling joists so far, most of them sometime during 2007. Teardrop - set of six ceiling joists
The upper and lower bulkhead vertical walls will be framed/insulated like the exterior wall with 1/8" plywood on either side. This is the glue-up of the upper wall. Teardrop - upper bulkhead wall frame
Both frames were glued together with biscuit joinery. This is the glue-up of the lower wall. (11/29/2008) Teardrop - upper bulkhead wall frame

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