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Continued restoration of the 1960 Siesta vintage camper trailer. Still have lots of work to do.

Almost all of the five drawers need some repair. Here I'm re-attaching the front face of one of the bigger drawers that sit under the stove. 1960 Siesta - Fixing drawers
A local glass shop was able to get me a new mirror for the closet door for under $10.00 1960 Siesta - New Mirror
The J-bend under the sink was allowed to go through the winter with water in it and broke. I'll have to remember to get the water out of the new plastic one before the snows hit. 1960 Siesta - New J-bend
There was an old 2-prong outlet here so I replaced with the three pronged power strip. Thankfully the ground wire had been run to the fixtures in the camper. The white diffuser over the light was fabricated out of a flexible cutting board. It doesn't match the original one that is still present in the light above the dinette. 1960 Siesta - A/C shelf
Two of the three small drawers were broken and needed to have their backs replaced. I used the one good drawer for a pattern and made new backs out of half inch MDF (medium density fiberboard). 1960 Siesta - Repaired drawers
Here is the A/C setup. The tarp was cut and sewn to make a shroud and it was stapled to the wooden frame that surrounds the window. Two threaded rods with wingnuts hold the shroud frame tight to the window compressing foam weatherstripping to seal it pretty well. I thought this was an ingeneous setup but alas, the Siesta has almost no insulation and the 5000BTU window unit will not cool it enough on a hot day. Swing and a miss. 1960 Siesta - A/C setup
The truck cushions were cut down and new one inch foam was glued to each side. The cushion covers were sewn by my girlfriend using red naugahyde and velvet. Original cushions for the Siesta would have had a wooden backing that provided support when the dinette was turned into a bed. Unlike current campers, the table is not large enough to make the deck for the bed--it would have simply sat on the floor between the benches and slats placed across for the cushions to lay on. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to jerryrig the table to work as the bed platform. 1960 Siesta - New cushions
I cleaned and reinstalled the pink Cinderella stove but have not attached a propane line to it. I need to test the propane line and get a new, current tank before I'll be using the stove. I'm wishing that there wasn't a chip in the pink enamel on the stove. You can see that one of the former owners of the camper attempted to paint the icebox white covering up the cool pink. I'm hoping I'll be able to strip that white paint off to uncover the original color. 1960 Siesta - The Cinderella stove
I purchased this fold-out step off of eBay. It came primed and I painted with the same hammered texture paint I used on the tongue. The mounting holes didn't match up to anything usable under the trailer so I fashioned a mounting plate out of some 2x8 wood which I've given three coats of exterior spar urethane. 1960 Siesta - Fold-out step prior to installation
Here is the step installed as well as the vintage stool that came with the trailer. The wood provided a good mounting spot and doesn't look too horrible. 1960 Siesta - Fold-out step installed

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