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On July 17, 2005 I purchased my third vintage camper trailer since I was bitten by the teardrop bug. It is a 1960 Siesta Travel Trailer that is much larger than a teardrop. I'll use this trailer when we need to sleep more than two or want to cook inside.

The backside of the camper doesn't look too bad and does have the large Siesta placard at the top--a rare feature I'm told. The former owner added the utility trailer taillights at the bottom because he couldn't get the original lights working. I'll likely re-use his new wiring to make these originals function again and remove the utility lights. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Back end
The curb side of the camper is looking pretty good. I'll likely replace try to replace the lock in the door and remove the hasp/padlock setup. I've seen a picture of a Siesta that has a pull-out step under the door. Mine has a small vintage stool. I'll add a step sometime. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Curb Side
A couple of major dents in the front aluminum are the worst on the camper. The tongue has multiple coats of white paint, much of which was scraped off (revealing rust) in an attempt to find the VIN number. The previous owner started to paint the camper, mostly below the red arrows, with cans of white spray paint from Wal-mart. You can see that the top has really taken a beating from the weather and needs repainted very badly. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Front side
Looking inside toward the rear there is some water damage apparent. There is a near full-size mattress that is sitting on top of a fold-out couch mattress. It looks like the second mattress could be suspended bunk-bed fashion above the couch. I'm doubting I'll ever use it this way. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Interior Rear
Looking toward the front you can see three overhead cabinets and three windows. The shelf below the windows holds some bamboo tiki torches! I win. The light you see is one of two in the camper, both 110v A/C. There is no 12v here. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Interior Front
Here you can see the dinette set, as it were. No cushions, no table leg, no handles on the drawers, extra miscellaneous wood. I'm hoping the cushions from the free truck camper I got might work. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Dining room
Large closet missing its mirror. You can see more water damage in the other rear corner. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Closet
The ice box is rusted on the bottom and someone decided to paint it white, hiding the beautiful pink that matches the stove. The former owner removed the stove to save weight but luckly saved it for me in his shed. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Galley
I'm guessing I'll likely be using the slide-out commode as a trash can instead but you never know. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - The privy
I tried to capture the floor which is really weak in one spot. Managed to capture a picture of the former owner's cat instead. 1960 Siesta - As Purchased - Underside

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