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I picked up this 1976 utility trailer for $70 and it sat in my backyard for a year plus until I touched it. The previous owner told me it was originally a motorcycle trailer but he took the wheel channel off many years ago (and didn't have it to give back to me, sigh). I decided to resurrect its original funciton as I own two other utility trailers already. The first five pictures show the trailer as purchased with and without the horrible 1/2 plywood decking. Pretty rusted.

The last two pictures show the trailer after I ground all the rust off, repainted, rewired, etc. I forgot to take in progress shots. I found the 15" Nissan wheels at a yard sale down the street for $10 each and mounted two after cutting the axle in half and welding it back together six inches wider. The main motorcycle deck is ten feet long and one foot wide, surrounded by 3/4" plywood left over from the 5x10 teardrop floor. I use a 500 pound capacity portable Harbor Freight five foot ramp to get bikes on and off.

The 15" wheels make the trailer very tall and I may undo my modification and go back to the eight inch wheels. It's either that or I need to make a longer, curved ramp. I'll post pictures of whichever option I choose.

Motorcycle Trailer 1

Motorcycle Trailer 2

Motorcycle Trailer 3

Motorcycle Trailer 4

Motorcycle Trailer 5

Motorcycle Trailer 6

Motorcycle Trailer 7

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