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My March, 2017 trip with IcelandAir was to Reykjavik, Iceland from Denver, Colorado. Had a great time and here are 200 photos to prove it.

Click on any thumbnail to take you to a larger picture with caption. Each picture has next/previous links to take you through the entire tour. Cheers, Sam

Day One - Mon 3/6/17 - Fly from Albuquerque, NM to Denver, CO - Tour the Mint, Visit Museum of Nature & Science

Visitor Center of the Denver Mint, the largest producer of coins in the world.<br>No pictures allowed inside the mint but I did get to go on the tour - Denver, 3/6/17 View of Capital Building in Downtown Denver - Denver, 3/6/17 Next stop was the Denver Museum of Nature and Science<br>(Picture from the web, I forgot to take one of the building) - Denver, 3/6/17 Sperm Whale Skeleton hanging in the museum lobby - Denver, 3/6/17 Entrance to the Egyptian Mummies exhibit - Denver, 3/6/17 One of the mummies with its sarcophagus - Denver, 3/6/17 Amulets and Scarabs found with Egyptian mummies - Denver, 3/6/17 Animal mummies: Cat (photo) and Vulture - Denver, 3/6/17 Another mummy and sarcophagus - Denver, 3/6/17 Recent Replica of a sarcophagus - Denver, 3/6/17 And on to the Fossils - Denver, 3/6/17 Trilobite fossil, one of my favorites - Denver, 3/6/17 Other aquatic fossils - Denver, 3/6/17 Early mammals, I think - Denver, 3/6/17 Modern Elephant skeleton - Denver, 3/6/17 Early amphibians - Denver, 3/6/17 More amphibians - Denver, 3/6/17 Flying Reptile fossil - Denver, 3/6/17 Huge Turtle skeleton from above - Denver, 3/6/17 Diorama of a pair of horned dinosaurs - Denver, 3/6/17 Bony skulled dinosaur head - Denver, 3/6/17 Fossils of the big boys - Denver, 3/6/17 Bigger meat eater and Stegosaurus - Denver, 3/6/17 T-Rex and other skulls, Stegosaurus tail - Denver, 3/6/17 Triceratops skull - Denver, 3/6/17 Various shelled sea life fossils - Denver, 3/6/17 Lobster and Crab fossils - Denver, 3/6/17 Fish and Leaf fossils - Denver, 3/6/17 Mammoth Skull w/Tusks - Denver, 3/6/17 Nice northern diorama - Denver, 3/6/17 Some sizable seals - Denver, 3/6/17 And walruses - Denver, 3/6/17 American Bison - Denver, 3/6/17 Cross section of 1000 year old log - Denver, 3/6/17 Kangaroos in the outback - Denver, 3/6/17 Nice Hammerhead Shark swimming by - Denver, 3/6/17 Large petrified log split in half and polished - Denver, 3/6/17 Cross section of a large stalagmite - Denver, 3/6/17 Large rhodochrosite crystal named

Day Two - Tue 3/7/17 - Fly from Denver to Reykjavik, Iceland (overnight)

Seat-back monitor showing our flight path to Reykjavik, half way through our 7.5 hour flight - Over Canada, 3/7/16

Day Three - Wed 3/8/17 - Arrive Reykjavik, Warm Baths/Cool Lights tour

At the airport in Reykjavik the next morning - Iceland, 3/8/17 Our residence for the next four nights was the Hotel Cabin - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Rooms were like staterooms on a cruise ship with two tiny beds.<br>Thankfully I was in a room by myself - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Statue of Mikhail Gorbachev at Hofdi House where he and Reagan met in 1986 - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Statue of Sam near the water - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 No tractors allowed on the main streets during rush hour! - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 The Sun Voyager sculpture on the water - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Interesting mural on a construction fence - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 One of the famous hot dog stands along with its proprietor - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Hallgrimskirkja church with its statue - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Leifr Eiricsson Statue - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Inside the church is a pipe organ containing over 5000 pipes - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 A few of us lucked out by being at the church when they were playing the organ - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 A look at some of the organ pipes - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 The church itself is pretty spectacular - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 The inscription on the base of the statue honoring Leif Ericsson - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 In the bus on our way to dinner, hotsprings, and Northern Lights viewing we passed the huge geothermal holding tanks - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 We saw some interesting scenery on our trip - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 Our The spa had about five pools alongside a lake. We dipped our feet into the lake, then quickly headed back to the warm baths - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 This sauna was the hottest at 515 degrees F. We lasted inside about 30 seconds - Reykjavik, 3/8/17 After dinner and soaking the in warm baths we headed out to look for the Northern Lights<br>and got to see this little snippet for just a minute or so - Reykjavik, 3/8/17

Day Four - Thu 3/9/17 - National Museum, Hallgrimskirkja Church, Penis Museum, Northern Lights by Boat

The next morning I bought a 48-hour City Pass which got me into a bunch of museums<br>and gave me unlimited access to the city bus system - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 First stop was the National Museum of Iceland which contained three floors of exhibits - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Interesting exhibits showcasing early Icelandic times - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Interesting exhibits showcasing early Icelandic times - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Interesting exhibits showcasing early Icelandic times - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Interesting exhibits showcasing early Icelandic times - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Skis, snowshoes, ice skates made of bone - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 More modern displays of items from the 1940-80s where shown on luggage carousels like this one - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 WWII memorabilia - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 And a frightening dummy from a famous Icelandic ventriloquist - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Early whaling items (I believe) - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 They had a replica of a pioneer cabin in the museum - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Early militaria items - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 This was an elaborately carved drinking horn - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Fragile needlepoint was kept in the dark and lights only came on when a person neared the exhibit - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 After leaving the museum I rode the bus back to the Hallgrimskirkja church with the plan of going up the clock tower - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 The church, as seen from the back. It is the tallest building in town - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Parts of the church were being repaired while we were there. Jackhammered to expose the internal rebar - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 My ticket to ascend the clock tower (by elevator) cost about nine dollars - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 One of the four clocks from inside the steeple - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 From the tower you can see the colorful roofs and housing - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Looking down the street behind the church. You'll see a shot from the bottom of this street later - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 A look out into the harbor and at the mountains across the way - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Close-up of some of the colorful houses - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Our hotel is somewhere in the upper right hand corner of this pic - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 A shot of the church from down the hill - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 As I walked to my next museum, I passed the Chuck Norris Grill. How cool is that? - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 When there is only one Penis Museum in the world, you have to go in - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 The first case was dedicated to Phallological creations - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Most of the exhibits are of real penises including this one from a sperm whale - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Had never seen a penis handled umbrellas before - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 More mammal members as well as a lamp made from a ram's scrotum - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Dog chew toys made out of dried penis. Lucky Dog? - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 On our way to the Northern Lights by Boat tour, we had a nice dinner at Dirty Burger & Ribs - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Our boat, the Lilja, was a big catamaran - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Tour company provided winter suits which were really useful--so cold - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Deb, Susie, and Jan on deck for the ride out into the North Atlantic - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 There were maybe 200-300 people on our boat including crazies like us that spent the tour on the top deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 Northern Lights as seen from the boat deck - Reykjavik, 3/9/17 As we got off the bus at our hotel after our boat tour we could see the Northern Lights from the lighted street - Reykjavik, 3/9/17

Day Five - Fri 3/10/17 - Maritime Museum, Aurora Reykjavik Museum, Blue Lagoon spa

The next morning we walked down by the water again and saw the Harpa, a modern concert hall - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 The building was great both inside and out - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Inside the Harpa, this is part of the ceiling - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Scale model of the Harpa - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Right beside the Harpa is this nice Coast Guard cutter - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 I then walked to the Maritime Museum - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 This rusty hulk sits outside the museum in a nearby park - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 I love old engines like this one inside the Maritime Museum - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 This hook was used during the Cod Wars--to ruin the nets of enemy ships - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Diorama of fish drying at a Icelandic village - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Various instruments from the shark fishing industry - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Diorama backed with a nice vintage photo of fish drying - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Would love to get an antique ship's wheel for my house - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Or a big brass propellor for that matter - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Rescue-rope shooting gun - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 More weapons in the Cod War between Iceland and England - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Ship instruments - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 I next went into the Northern Lights Museum, Aurora Reykjavik - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Interesting displays including pictures/posters from various areas - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 Main attraction is a 25 minute near-IMAX-size movie of the Northern Lights throughout the world (no pics allowed) - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 When in Iceland, eat at the Texasborgarar. I personally had an Icelandic hot dog, not Texas Pizza - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 I rode by the Whales of Iceland Museum while on the bus but didn't make it in. Next time - Reykjavik, 3/10/17 This evening's tour was to the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa - Iceland, 3/10/17 The walkway to the Blue Lagoon is through amazing moss covered rocks - Iceland, 3/10/17 One section of the Blue Lagoon pool. It was great even though a cold rain fell the whole time we were there - Iceland, 3/10/17 Deb and I with one of the friendly employees - Iceland, 3/10/17 Selfie with our new friend - Iceland, 3/10/17 Better view of the pool from an upstairs deck - Iceland, 3/10/17 Close-up of the swim-up bar - Iceland, 3/10/17

Day Six - Sat 3/11/17 - Golden Circle Tour

The next morning we left for the Golden Circle Tour--and drove through some snow - Iceland, 3/11/17 First stop was at Fridheimar Farms - Iceland, 3/11/17 Geothermal heated greenhouses where they grow tomatos and some other crops - Iceland, 3/11/17 We listened to a brief talk about how the farm operates the greenhouses - Iceland, 3/11/17 Map of the Golden Circle in Iceland. We stopped at the three pinned attractions - Iceland, 3/11/17 The first of the three major attractions was Geysir, for which all Geysers are named - Iceland, 3/11/17 From comes this amazing Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van - Iceland, 3/11/17 The whole area of Geysir is rife with thermal activity - Iceland, 3/11/17 Sign on the rock says Danger, 100 Degrees C - Iceland, 3/11/17 Geysir just starting to erupt - Iceland, 3/11/17 Geysir in full eruption - Iceland, 3/11/17 Geysir in full eruption - Iceland, 3/11/17 All done - Iceland, 3/11/17 Various pools around the grounds were filled with boiling water - Iceland, 3/11/17 Second of the major destinations on our Golden Circle tour was the Gullfoss Waterfall - Iceland, 3/11/17 The sign tells the story of the original owner of the falls, Tomas Tomasson, who refused to sell the falls in 1907<br>to an English electrical generation firm with the words Gullfoss is a double decker falls - Iceland, 3/11/17 The lower cataract, a very impressive sight - Iceland, 3/11/17 The upper cataract from the side - Iceland, 3/11/17 A view of the two stage falls from farther down the path - Iceland, 3/11/17 Fed by Iceland's second largest glacier, the falls is very nicely done - Iceland, 3/11/17 Not to be outdone by the Sprinter van, here is a Ford done up nicely as well - Iceland, 3/11/17 I didn't catch the name of the tour company for this van but I like the stairs - Iceland, 3/11/17 Also didn't catch the size of the tires but the fact that they were studded was a nice surprise - Iceland, 3/11/17 Last stop on the Golden Circle Tour was Thingvellir National Park - Iceland, 3/11/17 View of the park while climing one of the paved trails - Iceland, 3/11/17 Snowmelt cascading down the side of the mountain - Iceland, 3/11/17 The rocky terrain has been used as the background for scenes in HBO's Game of Thrones - Iceland, 3/11/17 Still quite a bit of snow in the upper elevations on this March day - Iceland, 3/11/17 Impressive wall of rock - Iceland, 3/11/17 The lichen and moss on the rocks don't seem to be phased by the winter snow at all - Iceland, 3/11/17 The Iceland flag is pennant style with two points - Iceland, 3/11/17 Our walking path led us through some great formations - Iceland, 3/11/17 A look over the park from near the top - Iceland, 3/11/17 And looking back down the path we climbed - Iceland, 3/11/17

Day Seven - Sun 3/12/17 - Fly from Reykjavik to Denver, CO

Back at the hotel the next day I went across the street to get some food at a gas station and saw this cool bike repair stand - Reykjavik, 3/12/17 Riding the bus back to the airport on departure day - Reykjavik, 3/12/17 Most of our crew at the airport just before our flight - Reykjavik, 3/12/17

Day Eight - Mon 3/13/17 - Wings over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Back in the states I spent one extra day in Denver and made it to the Wings Over the Rockies Museum - Denver, 3/13/17 One of the first helicopters, this one is home made - Denver, 3/13/17 The Museum is in an actual hanger - Denver, 3/13/17 They had a great model of a DC-8 jet - Denver, 3/13/17 I'd kill for legroom like that. Of course, maybe there is legroom like that in First Class - Denver, 3/13/17 I tagged along with a guided tour given to residents of a senior living community - Denver, 3/13/17 Interesting rear prop plane - Denver, 3/13/17 Dream Chaser, a reusable Space Plane developed for NASA - Denver, 3/13/17 Inside the Air and Space Museum - Denver, 3/13/17 I love this plane. Most people, however, thought it was ugly so only a few were sold - Denver, 3/13/17 Had some good military memorabilia including this old Willys Jeep - Denver, 3/13/17 And that is a B61 Nuclear Bomb, the same bomb I used to draw in my drafting days at Sandia Labs - Denver, 3/13/17 This fellow who is explaining the military aircraft served in Vietnam on an aircraft carrier, as a Dentist! - Denver, 3/13/17 This is a licensed 3/4 size copy of Luke Skywalker's X-Wing fighter from Star Wars Episode IV - Denver, 3/13/17 The space exhibits featured astronauts... - Denver, 3/13/17 and rockets/missles - Denver, 3/13/17 Another B61 with its ribbon chute deployed like it would be in use - Denver, 3/13/17 View from the upper catwalk in the hanger - Denver, 3/13/17 View from the upper catwalk in the hanger - Denver, 3/13/17 Replica of Anakin Skywalker's racing pods from Star Wars Episode I - Denver, 3/13/17 Rocket powered car that was built for an attempt to set the land speed record - Denver, 3/13/17 Amazing nose art on one of the military planes - Denver, 3/13/17 Guy Fawkes figure for Zac - Denver, 3/13/17

Day Nine - Tue 3/14/17 - Fly from Denver back to Albuquerque

Here are all the souvenirs I brought back from Denver and Iceland. Great Trip - Albuquerque, 3/14/17

All in all a very successful and enjoyable trip. Sam

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