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Since this page is very long I decided to summarize the problem.

Please feel free to read the entire gory details of my horrible transaction with nomanya. I have documented the interaction to the best of my ability and have included the full text* of every email sent between me and nomanya. As a result of our interaction I will never, ever, bid on one of his auctions again.

* Note: to protect nomanya's privacy I have removed his/her real name, email address, and snail mail address from all images and emails shown here.


This page tells of the horror story I endured after being the high bidder on an item on eBay from a seller named nomanya. First, by way of introduction, my name is Sam Cancilla and I run the website Sam's Toybox a site where I showcase my personal collection of toys. I have been a member of eBay since May, 1998, mostly as a buyer, occasionally as a seller. I buy around five to 10 toys a month and have never, ever had a problem like the one I had with nomanya. In fact, as of the writing of this page (01/26/2004) I have left 362 total feedbacks of which one was neutral and one negative (November, 1998 to a buyer who never paid). I had, as of this writing received 100% positive feedback. You can see my current feedback and view what I've bid on recently. You can also see nomanya's current feedback.

So why this page? While eBay's feedback mechanism is tremendously useful it is not always possible to describe a problem with a buyer or seller in 80 characters. If this page will save some poor buyer from going through what I did with nomanya, my work will have been worth it. Even better, perhaps nomanya will get the idea to become a good eBayer from this page. Here is the timeline of what happened.

December 17, 2003 - Day 0
I won a very cool old toy, the Emenee Formex 7 Little Doll Casting set offered for sale by nomanya. The auction page may still be available to view (3164094449). And here is the page on my toysite that displays the set (which I did eventually receive): Formex 7 Casting.

December 18, 2003 - Day 1
I completed the eBay checkout to say that I would be sending payment soon. Here is a text copy of the email that the checkout function sent.

December 19, 2003 - Day 2
Since according to the auction description nomanya does not accept Paypal, my personal favorite option for paying, I secured the following money order:

I properly addressed and stamped an envelope which I placed in our outgoing mail slot at work.

December 21, 2003 - Day 4
Nomanya sent me an invoice via email. Here is a text copy of his invoice. Notice that he offered to let me pay via Paypal if only I'll include $2.00 extra to cover fees. This is absolutely forbidden by eBay. Here is a negative feedback that nomanya got on April 29, 2003 for charging that extra fee, and his response:

December 22, 2003 - Day 5
Arriving back at work this Monday morning I noticed that my payment was still sitting in the outbox. Apparently, the mail crew at work did not make it to my building for the pickup on Friday. Nomanya clearly states in his auctions that payment must be received within 10 days or he will leave negative feedback. With the payment not going out til today, five days after auction close, and being days before Christmas I worried that the payment would not arrive within that timeframe. I sent the following email with the hopes that nomanya would not "neg" me or start "Non-paying bidder" proceedings: (full text)

I secured a money order on Friday and popped it into the office mail.
Unfortunately, due to holiday or whatever there was no mail pickup
on Friday and the money order didn't go out until this morning
(Monday). Sorry about that. Sam

January 1, 2003 - Day 15
I received a "reminder to pay your seller" email from nomanya through eBay. Here is the text of the email. I was very surprised to hear that the payment did not yet arrive, it certainly should have. I immediately responded that I believed the payment must have gotten lost in transit and that I would send another money order in the morning. I also asked, nicely I thought, that if both payments happened to show up would he please only cash one and return the other to me. Here is the text of my email.

January 2, 2004 - Day 16
I secured the following, replacement money order and mailed it off to nomanya. On the printout of the original "I'll be sending payment" email I enclosed with the money order I wrote to please not cash both money orders should they both show up, rather, please return one to me uncashed so I could get my money back.

January 11, 2004 - Day 25
I had hoped to hear from nomanya when my payment arrived, particularly since it was a replacement payment, but I had not yet heard anything. I sent him the following inquiry email: (full text)

Hello. I am wondering the status. I mailed a replacement money
order on January 2. Did it arrive? Here is a copy of the money
order carbon copy:

I mailed it to the address in your eBay invoice:
Please let me know if either or both money orders have arrived.
Sam Cancilla

January 14, 2004 - Day 28
Nomanya replied that my payment had arrived on the 12th (10 days after I mailed it??? - not sure I believe that), that the item will ship this week, and please leave positive feedback for him when it arrives. Here is his email.

BTW, though he asked me for positive feedback I don't seem to have received positive feedback from him though I have done everything in my power to pay him promptly. I decided to look into this a bit further. Ebay recently changed its feedback page and one can now look not only at the feedback that was left for a person, one can also look at the feedback they have left for others. Here are the feedbacks nomanya has left for others. As of this writing, it appears that nomanya has received 517 positive feedbacks but he has only left 30 positive feedbacks himself. But nomanya has received 37 negative feedbacks and has left 26 negative feedbacks in return. So if you buy an item from nomanya, everything goes exceedingly well and you leave him positive feedback you have a bit less than a six percent chance of receiving positive feedback from him. Apparently, nomanya does not believe that positive feedback is a two way street, or believes that he is too busy, or believes that he is better than you and I, etc. If things happen to go badly in your purchase, which seems to happen a lot with nomanya, and you leave negative feedback you have an over 70% chance of getting negative feedback from him, no matter who was at fault. And if you leave or get a negative feedback, you are guaranteed to be called horrible names like "moron, retard, liar" and my personal favorite name calling he has done:

January 22, 2004 - Day 36
It is now 20 days since I sent the replacement money order for the first one that was (I believed) lost in transit. It is now 10 days since the payment arrived according to nomanya and I still have no toy. So, once again I sent an email asking the status. Here is a text copy. I straight out ask nomanya if he had shipped my package yet.

January 23, 2004 - Day 37
I received a response from nomanya that was so bizarre I couldn't actually believe it was for me. (full text) My words are the ones quoted with the '>' in front, nomanya's response is above it.

wasn't sure if you wanted both the sets we have at
the warehouse...let me know.....we can get them both
out to you next week.......n

> Sir,
> I am thus far out $68.00 by way of two money orders, $34.00 each for
> this item.  In our last email you said my second payment arrived on
> January 12, ten days after I mailed it which seems a bit hard to
> believe.  It is now ten more days since you received the payment and I
> still have no toy.  Have you shipped it?

Ship me something next week? Are you kidding me? What happened to "Will ship this week" that you said nine days ago? This email was so bizarre that I literally thought it might have been for someone else. I emailed back the following: (full text)


I'm not sure this email was meant for me. I am only looking
for a single toy, the Emenee Doll Maker set which I have paid
you for. You have not answered my question. Did you ship the
toy? If so, when. Thanks.

Later that morning I went to the bank to see about putting a trace on the money orders with the hopes of getting the $34.00 for the one that never arrived back. Guess what??? I'll bet you can guess. Here is my next email to nomanya: (full text)


Just checked with the bank who sold me the two money orders to see
if they had been cashed. You cashed both $34.00 money orders on
January 20, 2004, three days ago. Please let me know the status of
my Emenee toy, and of the additional $34.00 that you now have in
your possession. I would like very much to hear from you soon.

In case you want to hear this for yourself, simply call this number, 800.542.3590, follow the prompts and key in the serial numbers of the two money orders above.

January 24, 2004 - Day 38
So instead of answering me on any of my inquiries, "did you ship it", "where is my extra $34.00 payment", nomanya decides to yell at me: (full text)


I told him that no, I did not want the extra set, just the one I ordered please. (email text).

January 28, 2004 - Day 42
I got two emails from nomanya today asking me to verify my address because the package had been returned to him. He listed my address incorrectly in the email (email 1, email 2).

Is it possible that nomanya did actually send the package with the wrong address? Sure. I find it interesting that in many a response to negative feedback nomanya lists the UPSP delivery confirmation number but he not only did not send me this number, he would not acknowledge even in words that he actually sent the toy. Here is my response where I corrected my address and asked about this: (full text)

You are missing the "5" in my house number. I appreciate that
a simple mistake has occurred and certainly understand. What
I don't understand is why you didn't just tell me with any of
my last few emails where I begged for a status that you had
actually shipped the item. I was left believing that you had
not. Am looking forward to receiving the toy.

February 1, 2004 - Day 46
In response to my query, nomanya answered the following: (full text)

> I don't understand is why you didn't just tell me with any of
> my last few emails where I begged for a status that you had
> actually shipped the item. I was left believing that you had not.

Sam, my brother has been answering emails for me and i told him to
leave out all the ones he didn't have information for...sorry.

February 9, 2004 - Day 54
On this Monday morning, eight days since I had heard anything, eleven days since I resent my correct address, I sent nomanya a nastygram email demanding the he ship my toy and refund my overpayment, or else (full text).

Well miracles do occur and when I got home from work, there was the Doll Factory. The toy was as described, packaged well and I am quite happy with it. Not included with the toy was the refund of the $34.00 overpayment I made to nomanya who claimed my first payment did not arrive (though he later cashed it). Interestingly, the shipping box had been stamped twice with the following (click for an in-context copy):

click for a scan in context

I love this!!!! The man begs his customers for positive feedback and leaves virtually none in return. But I digress. The other kinda interesting thing about the box I noticed is this (click for an in-context copy):

click for a scan in context

Doesn't appear to be any indication that this box was shipped once to the wrong address, returned to nomanya, then shipped again. I guess had the box been returned to me I would have simply put a new label over the incorrect address and the "return to sender" markings from the Post Office. Since there is no such label, one of the following must be true:

Which do you think is more likely?

Since the item actually did arrive I sent nomanya another, slightly nicer email asking about the overpayment refund: (full text)

I received the Doll Factory today. Thank you. There is
still the matter of the extra $34.00 that I sent you.
Please let me know how you intend to refund that money.

February 10, 2004 - Day 55 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 11, 2004 - Day 56 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 12, 2004 - Day 57 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 13, 2004 - Day 58 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 14, 2004 - Day 59 - Still waiting for my refund...

February 15, 2004 - Day 60
Getting a bit tired of waiting, I asked eBay for nomanya's contact information, that is, his phone number. I will not reproduce that email here. I then called and left a pleasant message asking him to please refund my overpayment. Nomanya emails and again tries to suggestive sell me more merchandise, something I have already refused: (full text)

can i send you paypal? or do you want another item?? let me know.

I respond to please show me the money: (full text)

Hi Nomanya,

Paypal would be fine. Please use my email address,


February 16, 2004 - Day 61 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 17, 2004 - Day 62 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 18, 2004 - Day 63 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 19, 2004 - Day 64 - Still waiting for my refund...
February 20, 2004 - Day 65 - Still waiting for my refund...

February 21, 2004 - Day 66
To his credit, nomanya actually emails and asks if I got his refund: (full text)

> Hi Nomanya,
> Paypal would be fine. Please use my email address,
> Thanks

did you get this??? i think i sent to

Of course I did not get the refund as nomanya has again dropped a letter out of something important, this time my email address: (full text)


I did not receive the refund. Once again you are missing a character, it is

you are missing the S between sam and toybox.

Late in the day on Saturday, February 21, I actually received a refund of my overpayment from nomanya. Woo Hoo!! Time to celebrate right??? Wrong again!! Instead of the $34.00 I had overpaid nomanya, he refunded me only $32.80. He explained this in the comment section of the Paypal message, and not one but two email replies (seven minutes apart???) with these words: (Paypal message, email1, email2)


> you are missing the S between sam and toybox.

sorry...i sent you back what i got from you via paypal....

> you are missing the S between sam and toybox.

i just sent you back the money less what paypal
took out when you sent it. i dont accept paypal.

For those of you playing along at home, how many of you remember that I paid nomanya twice via money order!!!!!!!

February 22, 2004 - Day 67
I sent nomanya the following nastygram email which I hope will be the last contact I ever have with him: (full text)


Are you kidding me?????? I did not pay you via Paypal. I paid
you via money order, twice.

You are, without question, the absolute worst seller I have ever
experienced on eBay and I have bought things from over 200 sellers
during the last six years. The negative feedback you have received
is, apparently, well deserved. I will be leaving mine for you
shortly. It is a shame that you will in return leave me negative
feedback and spoil my 100% positive rating though I have bent over
backwards to treat you fairly in this transaction including paying
you twice, waiting 54 days to receive my item, and waiting 66 days
to receive a refund of my overpayment. You may want to think
carefully about the wording of your response to my negative feedback
as people will be able to ascertain the true nature of our
transaction pretty easily.

Thank you for refunding most of my money. Yours in disgust,

Sam Cancilla

I then left him negative feedback after assuring that this page and all the files it references properly protect nomanya's privacy and do not include his name, email or snail mail address.

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